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Illuminated magnetic sign panels
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High impact advertising for businesses which operate at night.

High visibility day or night.

Vivid graphics command attention after dark. Flat Neon is an excellent use of your advertising dollars as it creates lasting impressions.  

Nothing else like it.

Most forms of advertising are extremely oversold and expensive. Flat Neon is new, unusual, and revolutionary.

What are Flat Neon Signs?

Flat Neon Signs are thin illuminated magnetic sign panels that can be put on the sides of your vehicle to advertise your business. No cutting, drilling or any other vehicle modifications are required. The system is fairly easy to install and plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter outlet. The sign panels are made from flexible, impact resistant plastic and operate on low voltage power, unlike conventional neon. Flat Neon Signs are also suitable for use in bars, restaurants, or even for decorative, novel uses in your home. The sign panels are bright enough to be readable from hundreds of feet away, yet produce no glare. This is accomplished by maintaining a very high contrast between the illuminated and non illuminated areas, which creates an easy to see image or message. Flat neon is far easier to read and the colors are far more vivid than “car topper” type signs. It more closely resembles the large store front signs seen on strip malls, but on a smaller scale. Flat Neon Signs are sure to turn heads and get your business noticed. Flat Neon creates a lasting impression, which is important in any marketing or advertising strategy.

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